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FlissyCakes Wedding CakeOur supplier of the month for May 2010 is FlissyCakes and to celebrate this Fliss is offering anyone who places an order after seeing FlissyCakes on the Mrs2Be website 20 FREE biscuit favours with their order or a FREE wedding cake tier.

Based in Altrincham, Cheshire they deliver their cakes anywhere in the UK and delivery for orders over £100 are FREE within a 30
mile radius of Altrincham.

Fliss of FlissyCakes is passionate about wedding cakes and firmly believes that your wedding cake is one of the most important
expressions of your own personal style on your wedding day.

Fliss feels that the only limitation to the design of your wedding cake is your imagination. All of the FlissyCakes are customisable
to ensure that they tie in beautifully with your wedding theme and wherever possible Fliss offers Gluten Free and Dairy Free versions
of her wedding cakes.

However, do not expect the taste of your cake to be compromised by the style! Fliss' cakes are all made from certified organic ingredients and preserved with care when under construction to ensure they arrive in perfect condition and taste delicious. The array of flavours available in both the tiered cakes and the cup cakes is mouth watering and includes:

* Fruit cakeFlissyCakes Wedding Favour Cup Cakes & Cookies
* Vanilla sponge cake
* Chocolate sponge cake
* Lemon sponge cake
* Orange sponge cake
* Maderia sponge cake
* Carrot cake
* Strawberry sponge cake
* Coconut cake
* Coconut and lemon cake
* Neopolitan
* Choc chip
* Red velvet
* White choc chip
* Coffee cake
* Pineapple sponge cake
* Cherry sponge cake
* Raspberry sponge cake

Whatever your preference or specific requirements are for your wedding day, be sure to give contact Fliss Cakes - their website is: And remember to mention Mrs2Be to get your 20 FREE biscuit favours with their order or a FREE wedding cake tier with your order!

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