Farm Weddings

Believe it or not, one of the newest trends to be gathering storm on the wedding front is the farm wedding. When we first heard about this in the Mrs2Be office we couldn’t help have visions of mud and wellies and the smell of manure drifting past as the bride and groom tie the knot in some old farm building surrounded by sheep and cows. We decided to investigate this new trend and soon discovered that we couldn’t have been more wrong.

So what does a farm wedding actually mean? Well, it’s fairly simple really; a farm wedding is a million miles away from this and is actually a truly romantic and intimate way to tie the knot. Instead of cow sheds and pig sty’s, think lush green fields, fantastically converted barns, cosy fireside winter weddings or breezy summer affairs. Most of all think beautiful country setting, fields as far as the eye can see skies that seem to be endless and a wedding that has no limits, quite simply the possibilities are endless!

Across the country there are now a good selection of farms, both working and non which make the perfect venue for your wedding. Set in beautiful countryside with local villages making excellent places for guests to stay, the farm wedding is really gathering momentum. Whether you are looking for the romantic and intimate feel with a handful of guests and simply fall in love with the farm building itself or prefer the idea of a marquee in the middle of a field with a larger guest list, a farm wedding has a whole host of things to offer.

Wedding Marquees

Marquees such as the one show above from Lavender Blue Events, can be dressed in whatever style you wish. Popular for a farm themed wedding is a country living feel with plenty of bunting, country fabrics and vintage china. Add to this meadow flowers, simple fairy lighting and rustic additions such as jugs of flowers, such as this one from Bonne Fete Hire and tea lights and it’s easy to see why the farm wedding is becoming so popular. If you are looking to hold a large wedding, the space around you allows for really grand affair incorporating extras such as catering vans, garden games and even a separate tent for the kids!

Wary of the great British weather most venues have thought through some clever and very handy ways in which to combat any adverse weather conditions on your big day. Think tractor rides should you need to cross a field or even just as a fantastic and quirky addition to your photos. Check out the fabulous tractor below decorated by Lavender Blue Events.

Rustic Country Catering

When it comes to the catering, think locally sourced ingredients, pimms and fruit punch accompanied by simple nibbles such as sausages on sticks, mini cottage pies and for the wedding breakfast wonderful free range meat, fruit and veg, hog roast (we knew the pigs came into it somewhere!) and herbs from a kitchen garden. Afternoon tea is another very popular addition to a farm wedding with wonderful home made scones and jam with farm produced clotted cream.

Think Green

For those of you with green issues at heat, the farm wedding is an ideal opportunity to add a touch of green or indeed lots of touches of green to your day. Organically produced foods, handpicked flowers and in some cases solar powered heat and light are just some of the extras that you will find in many a farm wedding venue.

In general the farm wedding tends to be a relaxed affair as it shared many traits of the country wedding. Guests spend precious moments soaking up the atmosphere and the beautiful surroundings while nothing about the day seems rushed or pressured. The bride may wear country flowers in her hair and if the weather allows, the entire wedding party will enjoy socialising outdoors where there will be opportunity for capture of fantastic reportage photographs. All in all, a farm wedding is another fabulous way to start married life!

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