Brynkinalt Hall - A Historical Wedding Venue

Brynkinalt Hall is a beautiful stately home nestled in the parklands of Brynkinalt Estate, Chirk, near Wrexham in North Wales. This beautiful family home is so well hidden that many locals are not even aware of its existence but it is a thriving working estate owned by the Trevor family.

Brynkinalt has been the ancestral home of the Trevor Family since 924 and is steeped in romantic history including the royal wedding of Severa, the daughter of the Roman Emperor, Maximus, who married Gwrtheyrn Gwrthenau (Vortigern), the 82nd King of Britain. Iain Trevor-Hill, his wife, Kate and their children still reside in this opulent Hall today though don't be put off by the feeling of grandeur that this venue exudes; the family are extremely receptive and approachable and take a very hands-on approach to weddings held that take place there.

There are a choice of 2 rooms to have your marriage ceremony, the drawing room and the great hall (named so for good reason!). The great hall really does lend itself to the arrival of a bride in her wedding dress as it sweeps amongst the guests sat waiting to receive the guest of honour.

Post wedding ceremony drinks can then take place in an adjacent room all of which have stunning views across the parklands that make up the estate. The wedding reception itself takes place in a marquee on the lawn.

Brynkinalt Hall is an exclusive wedding venue that is only available for a limited number of weeks throughout the year. Dates of availability can be checked with them directly.



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